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Map-A-Thon & Spring Social (3/4/2017)

 Map-A-Thon & Spring Social Three things to remember: 1. RSVP by March 3rd (send RSVP email) 2. Bring your own laptop 3. Free Food! Parking: USF provides Hourly Parking to visitors in the YELLOW colored areas on this map: USF Campus Parking Map.  There are two areas somewhat close to the CUTR building (Lots 2B & 8B).  Each area has a Parking Pay Station (purple asterisks on map) and should accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. There is also a very small handful of metered parking spaces (see meter icon on map) just southeast of the CUTR building off of Lot 8C.  However, there...

Open Source GIS (10/17/2014)

  Presented by: Martin Catala, AGIL at CUTR (USF) Donald Hayward, AGIL at CUTR (USF) Demonstrated Tools: Transit Livability Explorer MPO Advisory Council Maps (state-wide, county, interactive)